Sultan Central Cascade Youth Athletic Association

2020 Coach and Volunteer Registration


Welcome to Coach and Volunteer Registration

Thank you so much for being willing to volunteer your time to support youth athletics.  You will need to fill out the following information and we will contact you with a background check form and other requirements that may be necessary if you are accepted as a volunteer with our organization.



You can reach us on Facebook at:

Sultan Turks Youth Athletics

Coach and Volunteer Code of Conduct

1.  Coaches will always be fair, firm and consistent.
2.  Coaches will promote a positive attitude and lead by example.
3.  Coaches will follow the rules of the sport and of the NSJFL and teach the basic fundamentals of football/cheer at a level and pace that incurs the best possible environment for learning.
4.  Coaches will not argue with parents or officials and will always demonstrate good sportsmanship.
5.  Coaches will listen to their players concerns and try to help them any way they can.
6.  Coaches will do the best they can to ensure each athlete is both physically and mentally ready for whatever task is asked of them.
7.  Coaches will strictly adhere to the policies and procedures of the NSJFL and set a proper example with their actions for everyone to follow.
8.  Coaches will stress teamwork and respect each an every athlete.
9.  Coaches will not allow anyone who has not filed a WSP background investigation form to come within ten feet of any minor.
10.  Coaches will allow each athlete the opportunity to compete and excel.


By continuing with this registration you are agreeing to the above code of conduct.